Baja Nude Beaches

Mexico is well known for its liberal approach to nudity on its beaches. It is not officially legal but nude sunbathing is not forbidden and in fact there are beaches and resorts that offer this type of get away. Those who appreciate the freedom of nude sunbathing can find beaches in Baja that are both private and not crowded with scores of vacationers who prefer more traditional resorts and beaches. 

Please note that in Mexico, unlike some of the French-owned Caribbean islands, you will find that nude sunbathing for women is often construed to mean topless sun bathing and not full nudity. 

In the Baja region, there is one beach after the other all along the coast. The coastal topography lends itself to small coves and inlet beaches where most people do not venture. This is really the way nude sunbathing is done in Mexico, exploring the beaches to locate the furthest point away from others who do not share the practice. It is tolerated if one is discrete and observes the local customs and practices. The locals know all the good spots so don’t hesitate to ask around for a nude beach that will suit you.

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